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Fifty years ago this month, Apollo 8, the second manned mission of the Apollo space program, was launched, becoming the first manned spacecraft to leave low-earth orbit for the moon, orbit and return home safely.

A New Speedmaster Honors the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 8

It was also the first manned space flight from Florida’s famed Kennedy space center. Astronauts frank borman, James lovell and William anders were among the first to see the dark side of the moon with their own eyes, and the first to see earth as a whole planet, among other feats. This will be another year when Neil Armstrong and buzz aldrin landed on the moon during Apollo 11. It’s the iconic Omega replica watches line.

As Omega enthusiasts know, the brand has played a key role in space missions, including NASA’s formal designation of superba as a “flight qualification appointed by NASA for all manned space flights” since 1965, after rigorous testing, and a preliminary order for the 15-20 watch. Now luxury copy Omega watch is celebrating its centenary with a limited-edition watch, the Moon Apollo 8 Speedmaster Dark Side, priced at $9,750 each. This is the evolution of Omega’s first black ceramic Dark Side of Moon Speedmaster, launched in 2013. Another famous model, the gray side of the moon, is a meteorite dial introduced in 2016.

Moon Apollo 8’s Speedmaster Dark Side features a skeletal dial that is sure to cause some dissension among enthusiasts. Swiss AAA Omega replica first released a hollowed-out version of Speedy in 1992, but the sport has darkened to make it more threatening. It is also “laser ablation, accurately decorating Bridges and motherboards with real images of the lunar surface,” Omega noted. The side of the dial is a light shade to show the view of the moon from the earth’s surface, while the back of the watch shows a dark side that can only be seen from space. This modified version of Calibre’s 1861, called 1869, is a tribute to the first moon landing in 1969.

The cheap Omega replica watch is made of black zirconia ceramic and has a contrasting yellow painted chronograph pointer, speedometer scale and a crown with super-luminova. The black perforated leather strap also contains a section of yellow rubber in between, continuing the black and yellow highlights scheme. The case book has the words “we will see you on the other side” inscribed on it. During Apollo 8, the story is told aboard by the command module pilot Jim lovell, because as they begin to orbit the dark side of the moon, the spacecraft is about to lose radio contact with the ground-controlled side of the moon.

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Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronometer is suitable for new generation fans. We tested the current speedbar with a retro dial and the latest watchmaking technology.

Top Swiss Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronometer

Fake Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronometer may not be on the moon, but it’s still a convincing wristwatch: its athletic and elegant design offers excitement rather than extremes; Its components are of high quality and will not excessively increase the price; The technique of its movement can be described as ingenious.

The Speedmaster we tested had a unique minute circle along the edge of the dial, inspired by the checkered flag used to signal the end of the race. The two-colour “racing dials” first appeared on the Omega replica watches in 1968. They became famous the year they first landed on the moon in 1969, when Omega unveiled the Mark II as Speedmaster’s modern development. The brand relaunched the Mark II in 2014, followed by Speedmaster Racing Master Chronometer which we carefully examined in this test in 2017.

The “master chronometer”, the last sentence of this model, represents the latest generation of omega movement, combining various quality characteristics and certificates. In fact, making the stopwatch Calibre 9900 offers many technical advantages that are not easy to summarize. Because luxury fake Omega watches own coaxial escapement system has particularly complex shaped levers and escapement wheels, it can be run with great precision. Two tandem switching clockwork boxes enable this movement to run continuously for 60 hours without fresh energy input. Silicon filaments, DLC coated drums, newly computed tooth systems on gears, special lubricants and rotors that slide on top of ceramic bearings provide low wear and tear during operation. And the use of special antimagnetic materials can ensure that this caliber in daily life may occur in all magnetic fields are not subject to slight pressure.

Since launching its product line in 2007, cheap Omega replica watches has followed its own special path decoration to ensure that its calibre at first glance proves its pre-eminence. The bridge on the back of the rotor and movement is not only rhodium-plated, but also engraved with a special decorative pattern called “cotesdeGeneveenarabesque”. In addition, the bridge has bevels and polished edges. The flat parts are held in place with black screws that match the color of the balance and two wind-up boxes visible along the perimeter of the movement. In addition, the carvings on the Bridges and rotors are filled with red paint. Our tests show Speedmaster Racing must have everything it needs to win over wristwatch enthusiasts, who will surely love the new watch and almost never be disappointed by its performance.