Luxury Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronometer Replica Watch

Swiss Omega Speedmaster Racing replica watch retro vintage style dial and the latest technology under the hood attract a new generation of fans.

Omega Speedmaster Racing luxury replica watch is based on the 1968 model. Speedmaster Racing has a unique minute circle on the edge of the dial, inspired by the checkered flag used to signify the end of the race. These “racing dials” with two-color markings show the scores in seconds on the 1968 Omega model.

“Master Chronometer” is the last word in the name of the fake Omega watch and represents the movement used in the watch. The rotor and the bridge on the back of the movement are not only plated with rhodium, but also engraved with a special decorative pattern called “Arabian ornamentation.” In addition, these bridges have beveled surfaces and polished edges. These flat parts are held in place by black screws, which match the colors of the balance and the two barrels, and are visible along the periphery of the movement. In addition, the carvings on the bridge and rotor are painted with red paint.

The luxury replica watch is housed in an exquisite stainless steel case with a ceramic bezel and two curved sapphire crystals. The tachymeter scale along the bezel is made of Liquidmetal and poured into it when it is still molten The groove is milled to harden it, and then the upper surface is matt polished. Ceramic has a higher surface hardness, so polishing liquid metal will not leave extra tool marks or other marks on the ceramic.

This best replica watch is equipped with a sturdy folding clasp, the buttons can be operated perfectly, and the pressure points of both buttons are the same. The safe folding clasp that opens only on one side is equally convenient. The wearer can adjust the full length of the wristband. This sturdy and practical component makes the high-quality leather strap and the whole watch leave a good impression.

Luxury New Omega Speedmaster 38mm Gold Editions Replica Watches

Luxury Omega replica watch has launched four new products in the Speedmaster 38mm series, which are popular with women as the focus. These new products include two Sedna gold models and two gold versions, fully demonstrating Omega’s luxurious and diverse design.

  • ¬† Speedmaster 38mm Gold Editions¬†Replica¬†Watch

These best replca new watches have roughly the same design as the Speedmaster 38mm, but with new materials and accompanying color schemes. The yellow gold option uses a silver dial with green accents and is tied to a green alligator strap, while the Sedna gold model uses a cappuccino dial with brown dots and is tied to a taupe strap.

The new Speedmaster 38mm luxury replica watches dial is surrounded by a fixed speed measuring instrument circle, and the decoration of each watch is dark. The diamond version has a two-layer appearance, a built-in speedometer, and the diamond outlines the outline. There is a slanted outer edge on the dial with a delicately printed minute ring with tick hour markers and the famous double dot of Speedmaster at 12 o’clock.

Each sub-dial on the fake new Omega watches dial is designed with an oval/circular combination style to make the design more feminine. The second hand is displayed on the left, the 30-minute chronograph is displayed on the right, and the 12-hour chronograph is on the right. There is an integrated rounding date window at the bottom.